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Decibel Engineering

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Wideband Data Links

COFDM systems can be used to provide Wideband Data links in static and mobile scenarios with a high immunity to multi-path propagation typical of urban areas. These links can provide IP data or IP data + video over several 10's of km in length. Ship - Shore and Oil-rig - Shore are two examples.

Using an 8 or 6MHz occupied bandwidth the over-air data rate can be set between 6 and 20 Mbps, depending on the modulation type, the Forward Error Correction rate (FEC) and the guard interval. Reducing the occupied bandwidth to 2.5MHz the data rate can be set between 1.2 and 4.8Mbps witht he narrower bandwidth offering greatly increased RF sensitivity and thus the improved range.

The mode of operation can be easily changed using an IP or RS232 serial interface and so a further option would be to dynamically change the data rate depending on the RF link performance, e.g. high data rates for short range and low data rates for long range.

Typical Applications : -

  • Ship - Shore and Oil-rig - Shore
  • Mobile Command Centres
  • Heat and Fire Detection and Monitoring
  • Incident and Accident Response
  • Mining, Tunnelling and Underground environments