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Minesite Surveillance System

The Minesite Surveillance System was developed in conjunction with a mining operation to prevent pilfering and theft of products and plant from remote minesites. It comprises redeployable, solar powered camera sites with radio and telemetry links to trailer mounted bases. In its simplest form it comprises one or more redeployable transmitters and a receiver site. In more complex environments it can comprise multiple transmitters spread over several sites with all video being monitored at a single location. Repeaters can be used to increase the range.

Redployable Transmitter : -

  • Day/Night operation with thermal imaging (optional) for operation in all conditions
  • Full remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom control of camera from the portable receiver
  • COFDM modulation provides high imunity to multi-path propagation typical of urban environments
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 provides high quality video transmission
  • Low System Latency
  • Lithium battery or Vehicle or Commercial Power

ESS Portable Receiver

Portable Surveillance Receiver : -

  • High receive sensitivity
  • Diversity receiver for optimal multi-path environments
  • In-built colour LCD monitor and provision for external monitor also
  • USB recording of video and audio and Ethernet interface for compressed video output
  • Lithium battery, Solar or Commercial Power

Applications : -

Currently deployed over an area of operations exceeding 70km square and in some cases with links exceeding 100km, the MSS is environmentally protected and capable of deployment in extreme weather conditions of wind, sea mist, temperature and with an associated highly corrosive atmosphere.

The system supports up to 16 cameras per base and 4 bases per system with each camera being individually controlled by the operator. The use of digital transmission opens up the opportunity to use the radio backbone to transmit GPS location data for vehicles within the area as well as mounting cameras on vehicles and transmitting this back to the control room. Being digital the opportunity exists to stream all data, video or GPS over a LAN.

Please contact us for a copy of a comprehensive whitepaper describing the development and deployment of the MSS.