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Covert Surveillance System

The Covert Surveillance System comprises a very small transmitter that can be carried unobtrusively in clothing. The reception point can be either a portable receiver or a vehicle. For increased range a repeater may also be used.

The use COFDM modulation provides a high immunity to multi-path propagation typical of urban areas.

Covert Transmitter : -

Covert Transmitter

  • High strength aluminium case. Dustproof, waterproof and shockproof.
  • Very compact, only 135mm x 76mm x 24mm and weighing only 305g.
  • COFDM modulation provides high imunity to multi-path propagation typical of urban environments
  • High quality video transmission
  • Up to 200mW RF power output providing excellent range
  • Can also be used with seperate power amplifiers in vehicle deployments
  • Lithium battery provides approximately 1 hour use.

Portable Receiver

Covert Surveillance Receiver : -

  • High receive sensitivity
  • Diversity receiver for optimal multi-path environments
  • External LCD monitor and provision for external monitor also
  • Lithium battery or Vehicle or Commercial Power

Applications : -

  • Covert Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering
  • Tactical Response with Helmet Mounted Camera
  • Para-medic Scene-of Incident Reponse
  • Mining, Tunnelling and Underground environments

Emergency, Mobile, Repeater and other configurations available.

Download the Covert Surveillance System Data Sheet > two pages (1070kB pdf format)